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    Here are some cool ways to goof off while pretending to be working.

    There's not a lot on the web much cooler than Google Maps Street View. Click this link to have a Google employee show you how Steet View works.

    Wow! Here we are at Times Square in New York City!

    O.K., you're driving. Just click on the big white arrow and then move your mouse out of the Google Ap and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to drive around. You can use the "side" arrow keys to turn 180 degrees. It's like a video game in that the more you play with it the better you get at it.

    More About Using Google's Street View

    You don't need to install anything on your computer to use Google's Street View. Just go to Google's main page at and click on the Maps tab in the upper left-hand corner. And then type Dallas, Texas in the search box and hit your Enter key. Or you could give Google Maps a more specific location to go to by typing in something like: 10 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94111. Once Google Maps opens in the location you chose to go to just click on the Steet View tab and the blue outlines show roads where street view is available. Just use your left mouse button to drag the human icon to where you want to start and release the left mouse button to drop him there.

    Street View is available for the following cities: Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Indianapolis, Providence and Detroit. And by the time you read this Google will have added several more cities. Not every street in any of the cities has been made available for Street View. Google plans to begin Street Mapping major Asian and European cities very soon. In fact, it you go to any city in Google Maps and click the Street View tab and you see streets outlined in blue then you're good to go in Street View.

    Check Out These Games! - embed games

    How To Create A Webpage

    Internet browsers, like Internet Explorer and Firefox, turn web documents written in HTML, meaning HyperText Mark-up Language, into web pages. Web documents don't have to be on servers on the internet for a browser to open them. They can open web documents that are created and saved on your hard drive.

    HTML is written using tags which are words or letters enclosed in the lesser than and greater than symbols on your keyboard. The following is a complete web document that will open in any web browser:

    <title>My Web Page</title>
    <p>This is my first web page</p>

    That's it! That's all of the HTML code it takes to create a web page. Of course you'll need to get a domain name like and you'll need to get some server space if you want to put your site on the internet.

    So, what does all this gibberish mean?

    Every web document begins with <html> which tells a computer, immediately, that it is dealing with something that must be opened in a web browser. Notice how every tag, <title> for instance, has it's own closing tag. In this case </title> tells the browser that this is where the title ends.

    Every web document is divided into two parts - the Head section and the Body section. The only thing that must be in the Head section is the Title. If you look at the top-most left-hand corner of the page you're reading now you'll see The Scoroncocolo Goofing-off At Work Page because that is what I put between the title tags in the Head section of this document when I wrote it. Everything else visible on this or any other web page will be things placed between the <body> and the </body> tages.

    The <p> tag tells the browser to start a new paragraph and the </p> tells it where to end it.

    How to turn the above HTML code into a Web Page.

    It's easy, just copy and paste it into Windows Notepad (Not Windows Wordpad!!). Right-click your Desktop and mouse down to New and click Text Document, that's Notepad. When Notepad appears it will be blinking so type in a name like MyWebPage.txt. Then click it open and paste the code, and nothing but the code, in it or you can manually type the code in it. Then save it and close it.

    Now, click it open again and click File and then click Save as... and when the Save as.... box opens type MyWebPage.html or whatever.html and click the Save button just to the right on the box and a new a new Internet Explorer icon will appear on your Desktop. Click it open and you'll see your new web page.

    This is Super Size Me

    Cris Bliss can juggle

    Remember last year's viral YouTube smash when a very emotional Chris Crocker shared with us his feelings about Britney Spears. Well, this year's YouTube phenom maybe even bigger. His name is Bo Burnham and he is funny and musically talented.

    Click the screen below to watch one of his homemade videos and remember, you may have to click once to activate the player and then click again to get it to play.

    Here's another YouTube video that's just recently gone viral. Checkout Skater Dog.

    You gotta wonder, how many hours were spent training this dog to do this and more importantly, why? Remember, you may have to click once to set up the video and then click it again to get it to play.

    "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger" - the Joker. Below is an interview with some of the participants involved in the new Batman movie.

    Here's the trailer for Batman the Dark Knight.

    Watch this

    Right-Click here and choose Save Link As... to download Crayon. Crayon is a neat little time-waster of a game. It's so simple yet so cool and the music that goes along with it is so soothing it's almost medicinal.

    Let's kill some time playing Phong or computer Ping-pong.

    This ain't easy. Good luck!

    The ball's angle can be altered by moving the paddle faster and hitting it. The ball also speeds up the longer the ball is in play.

    Scoroncocolo Inc 2007