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Welcome to Scoroncocolo's FunnyPages section. This part of the site is devoted strictly to nonserious stuff. And yes nonserious is a real word.

An antelope was asked to go to a dance. She bought a new dress and necklace for the dance. Then she had her horns and hooves done. Since she lived alone, she struggled to dress herself. Running late, she encountered a herd of stampeding buffalo approaching the trail. She thought she was fast enough to get past them. But, unfortunately, she was run over by the buffalo. And this is the origin of the self-dressed stamped antelope.

Soda Bomb.

This shows you how to make a soda bomb. I just hope al-Qaida never gets access to this technology.

Here's another really funny video of ladies exhibiting, if not disgraceful then certainly, ungraceful behavior. You gotta see this.

I'll apologize if things look and seem to work a little wacky on this page from time to time, but I thought I'd use this part of the site to experiment a little more freely with HTML and and CSS, a couple of things that browsers like Internet Explorer and the much more sophisticated Firefox use to display web pages. I'm not really an expert at designing web pages. I know just enough about it to be dangerous. I mean dangerous to myself, not you. I would never put any bugs or even cookies on your computer. Even if I wanted to, I'm not sure I know how to do that.

I hope you find some things that amuse you on this page. I intend to update it regularly and hopefully make improvements to it. You can help me to do that by contacting me and offering suggestions. I promise to try to respond to everyone who e-mails. You can reach me HERE.

If you should decide to click on the Sony link below this paragraph (and you really ought to because it will make you laugh or at least smile real hard) be aware that it is a Microsoft PowerPoint file and a) you must have PowerPoint installed on your PC or Mac in order to view it and b) when you're finished with it you'll need to use the Esc key on your keyboard to get out of PowerPoint and get back to Scoroncocolo.

Here is something from Sony on the cutting edge of nonseriouse technology.


Those are Rufus Wainwright CD's. If for some reason Rufus doesn't interest you just type what does in the box and hit your enter key.

Mouse-over the items to make them stand out. If you click on an item you'll be offered an opportunity to bid on it. If you click on the eBay icon you'll be sent to eBay, so don't do that.


You can mouse-over the following lines of text and see that one's a "camouflaged" or a "hidden" link. At least once a week Scoroncocolo will use that "hidden" link to send you to a Vague and Nebulous place on the Wild and Wonderful Web. The Hidden Link could be anywhere. It could be here on the Scoroncocolo FunnyPages page or in the future it could be hidden on any other page on Who knows to what exotic places Scoroncocolo can take you if only you can find The Hidden Link. So, stay tuned.

This link will take you to the Scoroncocolo Home Page. This link has cleverly been hidden.

Hint: Soon The Hidden Link won't be so easy to find.

This is a Flickr photo locater. Flickr calls it a Tag Browser. Whatever.


Click the above link and once the page lodes just type something in the box and hit your Enter key.

Toward the end of last summer, Google opened to the public some programming called APIs for its Google Maps. Now anybody can take a set of data from one Web site and paste it onto Google Maps, creating something called a mash-up. There must be thousands of mash-ups on the Web.
Want to find the nearest Starbucks? Google it here.

Here's some more Google mash-ups:

  • Need some quick trans-fats click this link and find the nearest burger joint.
  • This mash-up is really cool. Send someone a Geo-Greeting and then click the Click To View button.
  • This Google mash-up will show the location of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and then tell you a little bit about each one.

This Week's Jokes

Clownfish rely on the anemone for protection from predators. But a young clownfish decided to find a new home and left his anemone. He searched the coral reef for somewhere to hide. Eventually, he found a bed of coral with fern-like fronds. The next day, his worried friends searched for him. After hours of searching, they assumed the worst and decided to go home. Just then, they heard the clownfish calling them. They looked around but didn?t see him ? the coral hid him perfectly. He showed himself to his friends, who tried to convince him to return to his anemone. But he refused, saying, ?With fronds like these, who needs anemones??

Three women, oops I mean people, are about to be executed. One's a brunette, one's a redhead, and one's a blonde. The guard brings the brunette forward and the executioner asks if she/he has any last requests. She or he says no and the executioner shouts, "Ready!...Aim!! ..." Suddenly the brunette yells, "EARTHQUAKE!!!" Everyone is startled and looks around. The brunette escapes. The guard brings the redhead forward and the executioner asks if she/he has any last requests. The redhead says no and the executioner shouts, "Ready! ... Aim!!..." Suddenly the redhead yells, "TORNADO!!!" Everyone is startled and looks around. She or he escapes. By now the blonde has it all figured out. The guard brings her or him forward and the executioner asks if she/he has any last requests. She or he says no and the executioner shouts, Ready! ... Aim!! ..." ...and the blonde yells, "FIRE!!!"

If you are viewing this page in firefox's browser this word is blinking. If you are viewing this page in Microsoft's latest version of Internet Explorer it will not be blinking.

Here is a clip you'll like. Scoroncocolo has been assured that no animals were in anyway misused during the creation of this film.

Scoroncocolo believes that you really ought to consider upgrading from Microsoft's rinky-dink web-browser to the far more sophisticated and modern Firefox browser. Downloading and installing the far superior Firefox browser will not in anyway affect your ability to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer. That will still be right there on your computer and that's good because you'll need to use IE to access such things as Windows Update where almost every Tuesday Microsoft allows us to download patches to try to fix it's notoriously vulnerable web-browser in order to try to keep us safe from hackers and bugs.
Firefox is faster than IE, it's far more secure than IE and you can add a lot of really neat stuff to it like that the Cooliris add-on that will amaze you. If you start browsing the web with Firefox, you'll be hooked.

Here's a link to Firefox.

Here is a clip that explaines why most men are hesitant to ask strangers for directions.

Scoroncocolo doesn't just pick on Republicans. Take a look at John Edwards primping his four hundred dollar haircut for instance.

This is just soooo precious. These little guys are Sea Otters and the video shows them holding hands. Sea Otters do this in the wild. It helps to keep family members from drifting apart when they sleep at sea floating on their backs at night.

Check out theZimmers who are said to be the world's oldest rock band. Here they are doing The Who's classic rock song My Generation, and doing it pretty well. This was recorded at the Beatles' Abby Road studio in London.

::About the Buttons on the Left Table::

  • The first button links to a classic Monty Python skit that features John Cleese and Michael Palin.

  • The second button takes you to The Onion. The Onion is a satirical on-line news magazine.

  • The third link is a demonstration of the editorial style of The Onion.

  • The fourth button is John Cleese's best effort at getting a grant from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  • The fifth button links to Will Ferrell on YouTube portraying The Current Occupant.

  • The sixth button links to another YouTube clip of The Current Occupant (Will Ferrell) riffing on Global Warming.

  • The seventh button sends you to a clip of Monty Python's Every Sperm Is Sacred from The Meaning Of Life.

  • The last three buttons link to other pages on this site.

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